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Cindy B.

After starting treatment with Dr. Amanda I became a true believer in the benefits of chiropractic care and managing my health and wellness holistically. I have an improved sleep pattern, I have returned to the activities that I had to stop (running, kick-boxing, bike riding). Besides my physical exercise I have been able to manage my work demands, having had difficulty due to pain with driving long distances, sitting for long periods of time, and working at my computer.


Phyllis C.

Chiropractic care has enabled me to continue doing the activities that I enjoy – activities that make me feel healthy and happy. And when I feel good so does everyone else in my family.​


Andrea D.

I have experienced relief from back pain in a natural healthy way. It’s important for me and my family (including my 3 year old and 6 month old) to live a healthy natural lifestyle and Chiropractic Care is a very important component.


Bruno P.

Both of our kids have been seeing Dr. Amanda & Dr. Matt to get adjustments and most importantly to have their spine in good shape. As we all know, you don’t need to get hurt before seeing a chiropractor and Julie is a good example as she never waited to get hurt to see a chiropractor. Also, our kids use to have many ear infections but since they’ve been treated by a chiropractor, those infections are not part of their lives anymore.


Burton (6-months old)

I have been receiving chiropractic treatments from Dr. Amanda since I was 16 days old. My rough birth and time spent laying crooked in Mommy's tummy hurt my neck and back. I had trouble turning my head and feeding and I cried a lot! Dr. Amanda is very kind and gentle with me and is doing a great job fixing me up. I love coming to my appointments and feel so much better!


Natalie S.

When I became pregnant I continued to see Dr. Matt to help my changing body adjust. I experienced no pain in my back or legs throughout my entire pregnancy. When my daughter was born I decided to give her a positive start to a healthy life by taking her to visit Dr. Matt as well.


Tara W.

I have experienced relief from back pain in a natural healthy way. It’s important for me and my family (including my 3 year old and 6 month old) to live a healthy natural lifestyle and Chiropractic Care is a very important component.


Gary B.

About 2 years ago, my right heel started bothering me and I was limping. I asked Dr. Matt to take a look at it and he fitted me with orthotics for my shoes. After using them for about 3 weeks I noticed that the pain was gone and so was the limp. I feel comfortable discussing any health issues I have with Dr. Matt. Thanks for watching my back!


Cheryl K.

Dr. Amanda got to the root of the problem right away. After my first visit my back and neck pain lifted and my daily headaches vanished. I’ve had migraines for over a decade, taking Advil many times per week. I feel like a new person.


Hannah, Nathan & Matthew

Dr. Amanda is our cracker-backer! We go to get our backs fixed.


Lana C.

As a mom of two young children I do a lot of lifting, bending, and carrying. The treatments I receive have really helped alleviate my neck and lower back pain and stiffness. My husband suffered whiplash in a car accident and is still being treated. He is making good progress.



When I first contacted the office I was suffering severe lower back pain, moderate upper back pain, and neck pain. It was negatively impacting my work and my life at home. My life was being controlled by pain. On my initial visit I was greeted by welcoming and friendly staff. I was assessed by Dr. Amanda and she was exceptional, knowledgeable, and               professional. After only a couple of treatments I saw and felt positive results and progress. Within a month my mobility was full, I was sleeping through the night, and I was no longer having problems at work and at home.


Connie M.

My overall sense of well-being has improved since chiropractic care. I have more energy, my focus & concentration have improved and I am able to move about and continue my physical activities with ease. My headaches have diminished as well. My body functions are also improving including digestion and elimination. I also sleep better at night.

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